• Neighbors: Syringes left in stop sign near Clay County park for days

    By: Deanna Bettineschi , Action News Jax


    A Facebook post about syringes stuck in a stop sign quickly received more than 100 comments and caught the attention of neighbors in Middleburg.

    “I seen on Facebook that there’s drug needles stuck in the stop sign down here and I was like, 'That is crazy,'” said neighbor Ravynn Wink.

    We spoke with a woman who didn’t want to be identified. She said she saw the syringes three days ago.

    “We happened to go there last night and I was like, 'Oh my god, they’re still there,'” she said.

    People commented on the post saying they called the nonemergency number for the Clay County Sheriff's Office number, but no one responded.

    Later, we spoke with a woman who said she decided to act after seeing the post.

    She said she called 911 and waited for about 15 minutes until deputies came and removed the syringes from the stop sign.

    The woman took pictures of the deputy removing them.

    Neighbors said they wished the needles had been taken down sooner, because they were just down the street from a local park and next to the Family Dollar.

    “It’s a high-traffic area. There are a lot of people that go in and out right there,” neighbor Garrett Layfield said.

    Action News Jax contacted the Sheriff's Office to request a report and see how many calls they received about removing the syringes.

    Deputies said they couldn’t find a report but did receive a call to the area on Monday.

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