• State Attorney's Office releases interviews with people from murder suspect Kimberly Kessler's past

    By: Ryan Nelson , Action News Jax


    Wednesday, the State Attorney's Office released new discovery containing interviews of people from murder suspect Kimberly Kessler's past.

    Kimberly Kessler is the sole suspect in the disappearance of the Nassau County mother Joleen Cummings. Cummings has not been seen alive since May 2018.

    Kessler is accused of kidnapping and murdering the mother of three.

    The evidence released Wednesday contains interviews detectives conducted with many people from Kessler's past. 

    PHOTOS: Evidence collected in case against Kimberly Kessler, accused of killing Joleen Cummings

    Many of these people went to Kessler's High School or were childhood friends with Kessler. 

    One interviewer was David Trempus, who was contacted by Kessler through Facebook, according to the interviews. He says Kessler drove all the way to Texas to see him and even proposed. 

    The evidence also includes an interview between a detective and Kessler’s ex-boyfriend. 

    “She’s our main person of interest for a homicide,” said the detective. “Yeah, I’m not surprised,” said her ex-boyfriend. He says she should often appear to kind but would ‘snap’ if triggered. “She stabbed me in the chest, she bit my dad in the leg,” he said. 

    He also tells detectives how she may have chosen her known aliases. In the following quote, he describes what happened when he and Kessler went to visit her father’s grave site. “When we went down there, the reason I thought was to see her father’s grave,” he said. “She wanted to walk around and look for girls around her age that died.”

    We’re also seeing an interview between detectives and jail a cellmate with Kessler. The cellmate claims Kessler said she would one day write a book about what she had done, including robbing banks with a former boyfriend. She also claims Kessler spoke about destroying her fingerprints. “She said she should have burned her finger prints off,” said the cellmate. 

    Footage from the discovery files released by the prosecution show the night she was arrested in St. Johns County. She then sits patiently for nearly one hour before a detective returns to read her charges from a search warrant. 

    We also obtained pictures that appear show blood splatter inside the formerly titled ‘Tangles’ hair salon, now called ‘Lash.’

    New evidence includes photo evidence of scratches and band aids on Kessler the night she was arrested. 

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