• ‘Night to Shine' gives special needs adults in Jacksonville the experience of a lifetime

    By: Russell Colburn , Action News Jax


    The 5th annual Night to Shine prom took place Friday night, giving special needs adults the experience of a lifetime.

    The event is put on by the Tim Tebow Foundation.

    The foundation said 655 churches came together across the world for the special night, inviting 100,000 guests and 200,000 volunteers.

    “It was amazing,” said Jacksonville guest Kimberly Kirby.  “I just look forward [to it] every year, like everyone else.”

    Jeff Secure and Elizabeth Zahn recently got engaged.  They met at the Publix in Mandarin.

    “She actually said that I have nice eyes,” Secure said.  “I said, ‘Well, they’re not my real eyes. They’re contacts, they have color.’  And she’s like, ‘Oh.’  I told her, ‘But you have real eyes, and they’re very gorgeous.”

    Secure suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling four stories 11 years ago in Cancun.

    “They didn’t find me until two and a half hours after I fell,” Secure said.  “God bless the soul that found me.  That person saved my life.”

    While Friday night may have made the guests feel like celebrities, it was about something much more important…feeling loved.

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