One of four suspects charged in 2016 robbery, murder of Middleburg teen changes plea

A woman accused of luring a baseball star to a home where he was killed, has pleaded "guilty" to armed robbery.

A woman charged in a plot that involved luring a Middleburg teen to a home to be robbed, which ultimately resulted in his death, has now changed her plea to guilty to armed robbery.

Alexandra Schreffler changed her plea in court Wednesday.

As part of that plea, she will have to testify against the three other suspects also charged in the case.

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Schreffler faces anywhere from 15 years to life in prison, as part of this plea.

Schreffler and three other suspects-- Taurean Johnson, Jordan Coleman, and Ozell McNabb Jr.-- were all charged with murder and robbery in the 2016 death of Kolton Shearer.

Investigators say Schreffler was allegedly told to find someone on Facebook that the men could rob, with Shearer identified as an 'easy target.'

Once Shearer arrived at the home, he was attacked and fatally shot.

Shearer was with two friends at the time of the shooting.

One was hurt, but the other escaped without any injuries.

Shearer was 18-years-old at the time of his death and a star baseball player at Middleburg High School.

Schreffler's murder case has currently been canceled.

She's due back in court next month.