Photos: Famous Atlantic Beach Dune House up for sale

The famous Atlantic Beach Dune House is up for sale for $1.85 million, according to a release from Watson Realty Corp.

This home was designed and built in 1975 by local, high-profile modernist architect, William Morgan.

The home has been featured in many magazines, news sites and on HGTV.

The subterranean duplex-style townhome takes the natural shape of oceanfront sand dunes with grassed roof lines.

Curved wood and glass doors open to the two-story living room with coiled staircase and glass doors to oceanfront patios and rooftop decks.

The home has also been recently updated with modern touches and is fully furnished, too.

The duplexes were built by Morgan to use as vacation rentals, as he lived right next door.

He did not want the dwelling to block his view of the ocean, so he decided to bury the house in an existing sand dune.

“I built it like a seashell,” Morgan said to Roadtrippers.com. "It’s a little like being in a submarine.”

The mass of sand over the two homes moderates inside temperatures year-round, and the home itself is constructed out of gunite, a material used for swimming pools, so very little heating or cooling is needed to stay comfortable.

The home last sold for $1.2 million to a South Florida couple who were fans of Morgan’s design work. For more information, visit the listing on Watson’s website.