Pumping out gas myths

Everyone is trying to find different ways to save money on gas like driving shorter distances or carpooling to work.

You might have seen gas tips on social media that sound great, but do they work? For example, the gas myth that says it’s better to fill up at night than in the morning.


As one driver says, “Well, I feel like I get more vapors inside my tank, more than the fuel itself cause that’s what your car burns is the vapors not fuel.”

According to a AAA spokesperson, this is false. They claim this myth is based on the idea that temperatures are lower at night and cooler fuels will be more dense. Fuel tanks are stored in the ground and aren’t subject to these types of daily temperature fluctuations.

Another gas myth is pumping your gas slower instead of letting it flow automatically will help save on gas. The flow of gas will not have any impact on your tank. AAA says fuel is metered at the pump without any aeration. A fast fill might not allow you to get a completely full tank if you don’t let it settle, but it won’t impact fuel economy.

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What about if you use you car A/C systems less? Will this conserve gas? This is a long debated topic. A/C systems are much more efficient than in years past.

Rolling down your windows instead of using the A/C causes aerodynamic drag. In many cases this increases the drag at highway speeds and negates any savings on engine load from not using the A/C.

And what about the myth if you fill up on empty you will pay for more gas?

Again, AAA say this is just false. If you fill up from empty, you’ll pay more than someone who starts with a quarter tank. This is simply because you’re taking more gasoline.

“I don’t believe in any gas myths. So just the fact of a matter… it’s expensive right now and we all know that we can’t deny it,” said another driver. “No myths.”

Whether you do or do not believe in gas myths, the fact is that gas is at an all time high.

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