• Reddit goes crazy over photo of Duval County tree washed out by Irma


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    An image uploaded to Reddit late Thursday shows a pine tree severely affected by Hurricane Irma earlier this month. 

    The tree, at Talbot Island State Park, apparently once was embedded in the dunes before the hurricane. 

    Reddit user I_am_Jo_Pitt uploaded the image, which immediately generated hundreds of comments. 

    "This is easily in the top 5% of most interesting stuff I've personally ever seen on Reddit," one user wrote. "Even just for pure aesthetic value, it's wicked, let alone how it became that way."

    "It's feels wrong in a way, like we shouldn't be looking at the poor tree without its dune. Like hes got his pants down," another user says. 

    The post was labeled as the top post on Reddit on Friday morning. Some reactions (the Reddit thread does contain profanity)


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