Regency Square Mall has no air conditioning and customers are furious

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Customers and workers at the Regency Square Mall told Action News Jax they felt like they were being tortured when they stepped inside the mall.

It's because the air conditioning throughout the mall stopped working. Shoppers like Jamar Addison said it's caused a negative impact inside the stores.

"I was hot, I was very hot. I'm a paying customer I feel like if I'm paying for my clothes I should be able to be comfortable," Addison said.

Addison, like many other customers, is upset about the air-conditioning issue inside Regency Square Mall. Employees said the air went out on Monday and the mall's managers allegedly told them it could take up to three weeks to get it fixed.


Customer Jasmyne Graves said it's unacceptable and it's affecting business.

"First, when I came in the heat hit me -- it feels like outside right now. People want to come into the mall and they want to feel comfortable shopping they don't want to walk into some stores and it's extremely hot. They want to feel comfortable shopping," Graves said.

The dental office inside the mall posted a note stating they were closing and would reopen pending the A/C conditions. They were forced to call customers and cancel their appointments.

The corporate office at the mall refused to comment on the A/C issues but said the manager would send out a statement about it on Friday.

"I'm going to come back. I just expect better the next time I come back," Addison said.

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