• Search for Joleen Cummings in Georgia landfill to continue through Friday

    By: Courtney Cole , Action News Jax


    Search crews have been dealing with intense heat in their search of a local landfill for evidence in the disappearance of a missing woman.

    Sky Action News Jax flew overhead on Wednesday and captured video, showing crews in full gear on one of the hottest days of the year.

    Action News Jax Courtney Cole gave us a look at what’s being done to keep the search team safe in the brutal heat.

    The intense heat didn’t stop a search crew in a Folkston, Georgia, landfill as they looked for something that could lead them to Joleen Cummings' body.

    Sky Action News Jax shows you the search area – and the amount of material they have to sift through.

    "It's very hot. They will be in a Tyvek suit with a respirator on with little to no air circulation working through the rubble,” said Charles Spencer. The FBI Special Agent in charge of the search told Action News Jax about their gear during a press conference on Monday.

    In May, the search began closer to Cummings' home back, branched out to the area where she worked in Fernandina Beach, and now continues at the Chesser Island landfill.

    Spencer said he believes their integrated team, which includes the Nassau County Sheriff's Office, thinks they're in the right area based on some of the trash they've found so far.

    "It's very tedious, exhaustive work, but they're powering through it . And we're doing it with integrated team members from the Nassau County Sheriff's Office,” Spencer said.

    Here's a closer look at what the Tyvek suits look like.

    According to Dupont, the manufacturer, they're light-weight but strong, water resistant but breathable.

    Their main job is to not only protect agents against biological substances, chemical and other possible dangers, but to also prevent contamination of any evidence they do find.

    Cooling vests are also being used underneath the suits.

    Investigators are also using respirators that help filter the air, and have access to a cooling tent and medical staff on-site.

    "Everything that can be done to ensure the safety of our personnel and the success of this operation to help the Nassau County Sheriff's investigation being done,” Spencer said.

    The search teams work 12-hour shifts.

    The search is expected to continue through Friday, July 13.

    The FBI also told Action News Jax they’re planning to give us an update on the search on Friday.

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