911 CALLS: Ponte Vedra residents call St. Johns County on student assassin game

Action News Jax at 5:00 p.m.

PONTE VEDRA, Fla. — The St, Johns County Sheriff’s Office released 911 calls from Ponte Vedra residents in reference to a new game hundreds of students are playing called ‘assassin.’

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St. Johns County school leaders are warning families that hundreds of students are participating in a game called ‘assassin’ that could have dangerous consequences.

SJSO says more than 300 children at Ponte Vedra High School are taking part in the game. SJSO said there are 64 teams made up of five to six students.

One of the calls (Call 2) starts with, “I have a bunch of kids in my neighborhood playing some game called water gun assassin.” The complaint continues with, “They’re blocking the neighborhood, parking in driveways and blocking the streets.”

Another complainant (Call 3) said, “I’m at work right now but I just looked at my ring and I saw that somebody was walking through my yard carrying something orange."

They continued, “They walked behind my house, tried to stay out of view of my camera and tried to peek into my neighbors to see if he was in there.”