Study shows pregnant people at higher risk for breakthrough COVID-19 infection

Vaccinated pregnant people are nearly twice as likely as people with other medical conditions to get a breakthrough COVID-19 infection.

This comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports the BA.2 omicron subvariant is the dominant COVID strain nationwide.

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Some OB-GYNs say this new study wasn’t surprising, because pregnant people are more vulnerable to this virus.

“We’ve seen that pregnant birthing persons are more susceptible to getting infected, they’re more susceptible to severe cases of severe illness and hospitalization,” said Dr. Rachel Villanueva, President of the National Medical Association.

The study was conducted by Epic Research, and the group analyzed data comparing various medical conditions, including being an organ transplant recipient, having liver disease or having cancer.

The study shows people who are pregnant or just gave birth were at higher risk of getting sick with a breakthrough COVID case.

Villanueva said these results reinforce the importance of vaccines. She said vaccination rates remain lower for people who are pregnant — especially in the Black community.

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“And that for them, it not only affects them personally, but it affects the pregnancy as well, and we know that there have been higher incidence of preterm birth and stillbirth during the pandemic because of the of the virus,” said Villanueva.

Federal data shows nearly 70% of pregnant people received at least one vaccine dose before or during their pregnancy.

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