The Capital Grille cited for violations during inspection

A popular fine-dining option at the St. Johns Town Center appeared in the Restaurant Report this week.

The Capital Grille received a warning from inspectors after a recent visit.

Inspectors found potentially hazardous food temperatures and issued a stop sale on food that was not in wholesome condition.

The Capital Grille also had a reach-in cooler gasket in disrepair, and inspectors found that an employee used a handwash sink as a dump sink.

The Capital Grille’s corporate office sent this statement:

“The results of the latest health inspection did not meet our usual high standards,” they said. “We are taking extra steps to prevent this from happening again, including correcting the equipment issue identified.”

Inspectors also say that Famous Amos on San Jose Blvd. had cold-holding equipment not properly maintained, potentially hazardous food temperatures and an employee with no hair restraint in the food prep area.

Sha Garee's on East 21st Street was cited for  at least 400 dry rodent droppings. The restaurant was also operating with an expired license.

The restaurant was temporarily closed.

Bound for Glory and St. Johns Cafe in Palatka was cited for 85 hard rodent droppings and potentially hazardous food temperatures. An employee was also caught touching ready to eat food with their bare hands. The restaurant was temporarily closed.