Trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s death: Brunswick faith leaders create space of healing and unity

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Faith leaders from around the community have created a safe space for people to come and pray or even just talk outside the Glynn County Courthouse. Just look for the white tent.

Jermaine Johnson was born and raised in Brunswick.

He’s one of the members of the Glynn Clergy for Equity and he’s a worship pastor at Bay Harbour Church of God.

STORY: Protesters, church groups gather in support of peace, unity during trial for murder of Ahmaud Arbery

“I understand that you got to face it and what was done was wrong and now we got to stand up and actually do this together and do it the right way,” Johnson said.

On Tuesday, he and other faith leaders created a safe space under a tent for people to gather, unite and heal during the trial.

Rabbi Rachel Bregman, with Temple Beth Tefilloh, said prayer or just someone to talk to is needed now more than ever.

“You can come over here and say hey my soul hurts. We’re soul people that’s what we’re here for and we can talk about that and help ease some of that discomfort,” Rabbi Bregman said.

The community has gone through a lot in the last year a half after Ahmaud Arbery was killed.

For Johnson, the trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s death hits close to home.

“Being a Black male, you see things that happen like this and quite frankly this isn’t the first incident, this isn’t the last incident,” Johnson said.

And he said the only way to create change is to do it peacefully.

Johnson joined other ministers, pastors, and a Rabbi passing out stickers with the words “do justice, love mercy, walk humbly together, Glynn.”

“It’s standing up for what’s right, what’s promised to us and we’re just and doing it peacefully. And doing it together. If we can do it, we can accomplish all of that and I think it can pave the way for justice like it should,” Johnson said.

The faith leaders told Action News Jax they’ll be out there for the duration of the trial or for as long as people need them.