UNF Esports hopes to take things to the next level

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — In the real world, Justin Tuazon is a health administration major at the University of North Florida. In the popular game Overwatch 2, Tuazon is known as “Woozi,” who is currently in one of the top rankings in the game and plays it competitively for UNF Esports.

Overwatch 2 is a 5-on-5 team-based first-person shooter where teams compete in various game modes, like King of the Hill. Unlike normal first-person shooters, each character has different abilities, weapons, and personalities. For example, the character Soldier 76 is a grizzled war veteran who uses a pulse rifle that can also shoot rockets, or Winston, an intelligent monkey who likes peanut butter and wields a lightning gun.

Tuazon says, at UF’s GatorLAN, UNF finished in the top 5 despite the lack of chemistry. “The team had only been a team for maybe a month at that point, or three weeks. So the chemistry wasn’t fully built up, and for most of us, it was our first time meeting each other in person.”

Like a basketball player staying late to perfect their jump shot, Justin does the same with his game. “I play about three to four hours a day depending on my schedule.”

A new competitive season is coming for the Ospreys, and Tuazon has high hopes for the team. “I think this season we will do a lot better.” While the club is small, he believes UNF Esports will soon be able to officially compete in Overwatch 2 on the national stage.

If you’re interested in following UNF Esports on social media, you can check out the club’s Linktree for all of their links.

Chase Bunker

Chase Bunker, News 104.5 WOKV

Chase Bunker is a reporter and evening anchor for WOKV. Chase comes to Jacksonville from sister station WDBO in Orlando where he worked as a producer and a fill-in reporter and host.