• DCF says video of kids getting into trunk is 'so disturbing'

    By: Lorena Inclán


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Disturbing new video shows adults putting children in the trunk of a car in the parking lot of a Northside CiCi’s pizza.

    Action News showed the video to the Department of Children and Families and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. 

    DCF and JSO had not seen the video and they’re trying to figure who the people in the video are.

    Witnesses say a car pulled up and kids came out of the trunk. Then, as the group left, a shocked customer started recording cell phone video. 

     The video shows the group standing around a white car,with the trunk open, and then the girl jumps in through the trunk. 

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    The video is not only on YouTube, but also up on World Star Hip Hop where it’s gotten almost 400,000 views.

    Action News spoke to the person who recorded it. She didn’t want to talk on camera fearing for her safety, but she said this happened last Thursday.  

    She says she started rolling after witnessing children come out of the trunk when the group first arrived.

    Action News spoke to the owner of the restaurant who confirmed the incident. He says the family came in, but left without eating.

    “They couldn’t afford to eat. They wanted to leave, so the manager came in, and he said, no we didn’t want to leave you guys with the family kids and everybody I would be glad to offer you a discount,” said Saravana Kabalan, with the Cici’s Pizza franchise. 

    But he says the group left anyway.

    Action News took the video straight to DCF spokesman John Harrell.

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    “This is just so disturbing, so disturbing,” Harrell said.

    Harrell said DCF is also trying to identify the people in the video.

    “When you see something like ;this, children being treated this way, you have to wonder what is happening in the home. What's going on with these kids,” Harrell said.  

    Action News sent the video to JSO. They are also trying to identify the individuals.


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