Orange Park man accused of kidnapping Jacksonville woman and taking her to Alabama

Robertsdale police in Alabama arrested Tee-Henry Wulu Currens, 22, on suspicion of human trafficking and kidnapping.

Currens is from Orange Park, Florida and he is accused of kidnapping a woman from Jacksonville, Florida and attempting to take her to Mobile, Alabama, according to a WKRG report.

Police say they got a call from the woman at a gas station in Robersdale saying she had been kidnapped, according to a WKRG report.

WKRG reported that authorities said the woman had been held against her will for some time.

WKRG reported that the gas station clerk, Amy Giordano, said, "She (the alleged victim) had ran across the parking lot. She was running away from him (Currens). When she came into me, she was shook up. I mean, she was distraught. She asked if I could call the cops for her. She didn't tell me why or nothing like that."

Giordano said she called police and then handed to phone to the woman.

Police said the alleged victim told authorities that she had been kidnapped in Jacksonville and was being held against her will. The victim told police that she managed to get away from the individual.

Police say Currens was still at the store.

Giodano said, "I heard her tell the cops everything about her being kidnapped and things like that so I told her don't got outside."

Currens was arrested and faces charges of human trafficking and kidnapping.

Giodano said the next day when she went back to work, the woman came back to thank her. "She hugged me and everything and said I saved her life, and she was appreciative and seemed like a totally different person."