Woman recovering after being shot by her husband before he killed their niece and himself

Double shooting leaves Jacksonville teen dead

We’re now learning new details about the murder-suicide incident that left a man and a woman dead and another woman seriously injured.

On Tuesday, we’re told the woman who survived that attack is out of surgery. The tragic incident touched the entire community, and students who knew the teen who died are still grieving her death.


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Detectives are still investigating what led to a man shooting his wife, Willet Ricks, and killing his niece 18-year-old Jodie Lore, on Mother’s Day.

On Tuesday, grief counselors were brought in to West Nassau High School in Callahan where Lore was a student.

Skyler Morgan knew Lore. He was saddened by the situation and he said the news affected  more than just her schoolmates.

“Everybody, even my little brother knew from the middle school. He was shook, and he didn’t even know her at all,” Morgan said.

He said although they didn’t talk every day, its hurts to know how her life tragically ended and it hurts even more to know she will never experience graduation.

“It’s crazy because it’s so soon, and it’s right there. Like graduation was right there, and it just happened,” Morgan said.

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At the home where the incident happened, detectives spoke with other family members again Tuesday trying to piece together what might have led to this family tragedy.

Action News Jax was told by a family friend Willet Ricks has gone through several surgeries and she’s expected to be OK.

However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, like what led up to this gruesome incident in the first place.