Yulee Middle temporarily pulls controversial books out of library

Yulee Middle School is temporarily removing a controversial book series out of its library after parents complained to Action News Jax that they were outraged over the books' explicit content.

The covers of the books in Lauren Myracle’s “Internet Girls” books look harmless, with neon colors and playful emojis.

But the books contain details about sex, stripping and drinking.

Nassau County School District Executive Director of Administrative Services Mark Durham said students here at all the middle schools in the district won’t be able to check out those books until a committee takes a closer look at the content.

Billie Thrift said her 12-year-old daughter brought home two of the books, “TTYL” and “TTFN” her first week of middle school.

“It’s telling them to argue with your parents. It’s telling them, no, don’t go to church. It’s telling them it’s wrong.

It’s talking about doing things to boys. Cussing,” said Thrift to the school principal, who called her on Tuesday afternoon.

In a statement, Durham said the “Internet Girls” series is popular among middle school and young adult readers.

“A lot of things are popular, but that doesn’t make them right,” said Thrift.

On the author’s website, she lists the books in the “Internet Girls” series under “young adult reading.” They are not listed under the “middle grades” section of her website.

The school requires parents to sign permission slips before their child is allowed to check out an “Internet Girls” book or a Stephen King novel.

“I don’t remember signing it myself, but if it was signed, my ex-husband more likely signed it,” said Thrift.

Durham said the principal will now have an “intellectual freedom committee” examine the books’ contents to decide whether they’ll go back on school library shelves.