Original Restaurant Report: Dozens of roaches found at local Mexican restaurant

Jacksonville, FL. — Action News Jax Ben Becker gets you answers each week about the places where you love to eat in the Original Restaurant Report.

This week, Becker paid a visit to Casa Maria Authentic Mexican restaurant on Main Street North and Airport Center Drive.

State inspectors found 14 live roaches, 37 dead roaches and a time/temperature safety violation. It was temporarily closed

A manager declined an on-camera interview.

Elsewhere, Salt Life Food Shack on North 3rd Street near A1A in Jax Beach was cited for an employee touching ready to eat food with their bare hands, time/temperature safety violations and a cutting board that was no longer cleanable.

Inspectors say Fancy Sushi on Atlantic Boulevard near Market Place Drive had raw animal food stored over unwashed produce, time/temperature safety violations and an employee wearing jewelry while preparing food.

Becker’s final stop was Seafood Express & More on St. Johns Bluff near 295 was cited for live small flying insects in kitchen, a time/temperature safety violation and hot water not provided at an employee sink.

All the restaurants passed follow up inspections.