• Police: Convicted felon leaves behind cellphone after crashing golf cart into car


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - A golf cart crash in The Villages landed a convicted felon back behind bars in Lake County.

    Police said 39-year-old Brian Krajewsky was on parole after doing time for beating a pregnant woman in 2012.

    Lady Lake police said Krajewsky rear-ended a car with his golf cart on La Grande Boulevard and Griffin Avenue, and kept going.

    But police said he dropped what turned out to be a key piece of evidence--his cellphone.

    The police officer who found the phone called the last number dialed, which turned out to be the suspect’s mother.

    “I feel sorry for his mother, although, she should have taught him better when he was a child,” said Villages resident Nellie Frazier.

    Police put two and two together and found the golf cart in a Villages neighborhood, along with Krajewsky.

    He admitted to police he was operating the golf cart under the influence and didn’t want to get busted for a DUI.

    Police arrested Krajewsky on charges of leaving the scene of a crash.

    Krajewsky was released from prison last spring on conditional release, and was a few days away from complete freedom.

    He is now being held in the Lake County Jail without bond.

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