Sandalwood Fights Facebook page displaying fist fight videos

None — JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It was created just yesterday, and already there are five of these fight videos posted on the Facebook page called "Sandalwood Fights". It has parents worried.

"That's encouraging fights," Ryanna Uter said," That's not good."

The fights appear to have happened on the high school's campus. Parents say the page's anonymous creator is encouraging students to display their fist fight videos. The creator posted this message, 'If you have any fights from sandalwood, don't be scared, inbox them to me and I will upload them'.

"That's just.. why would you even post that stuff. Especially on Facebook," Rachael Vedua said.

But the site seems to be pretty popular among the high school crowd.

In just 24 hours, the page already has more than 700 likes. And based on some of the comments, those watching the videos seem to like them. There are comments like 'lol looks like I don't have to go on YouTube to look for fights'. Another says 'I wish I went to this school'.

And the majority of comments, are encouraging those in the videos fighting. Saying things like 'nice job'.

"Definitely something should be done. Definitely something.. the school needs to take better action."

Action News reached out to the Duval County School District. A spokeswoman sent us this statement about the social media site:

"As the district becomes aware of social media pages that appear to be linked to schools, we review them to determine authenticity and if necessary, take any appropriate disciplinary action based on content."

The school board also says they will work with social media administrators to remove sites that promote violence or bullying.

We reached out to the creator of the Facebook page. They wrote back to us, concerned about what would happen if we report on the page. So far it's still online.  We also reached out to Facebook to ask about their policies for these types of things on Facebook. We have not heard back from them.