Transportation officials propose allowing Wi-Fi calls on airplanes

As if smaller seats and higher fares weren't enough, now you might be forced to listen to the guy next to you talking on his cellphone during a flight.

U.S. aviation regulators are proposing that consumers should decide whether it's OK to make Wi-Fi calls on planes. However, there would be some limitations.

The airlines will decide if they will allow the service and passengers would have to be informed well in advance if a flight allows calls.

The U.S. Department of Transportation notes that it is common for people to use their phones on trains, buses and subways are commonplace. Plus, it's getting easier to make calls over Wi-Fi and the quality of the calls are much clearer.

It's possible to make a Wi-Fi call on many smartphones while flying, but federal restrictions don't allow it.

Amtrak has "quiet cars” where cellphones are not allowed. Travelers would be unable to avoid talkative passengers on planes.

But, it could take years for transportation officials to make a decision.