• Family shocked to find grandfather's entire grave, casket lifted from ground

    By: Fox13Memphis.com

    HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. -

    A family in Holly Springs, Mississippi, received an anonymous call telling them to visit their grandfather’s grave

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    When they arrived, they found they entire casket lifted from the ground and the headstone in the air. 

    WHBQ’s Alexa Lorenzo spoke to the family about the strange incident. 

    Tracey Lane is the granddaughter of David Ira Lane Sr.

    She told WHBQ that they believe the grave site has been like this for two weeks. 

    “That’s a whole casket. I don’t know if we have a head in here,” she said. “I don’t know what I can see in here, but it’s not fair.” 

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    It’s a place that has been peaceful ever since Lane Sr. was laid to rest 50 years ago. 

    “They take care of the property," Tracey Lane said. “I’ll give them that.” 

    There was only little disruption, only a train passing by every now and then until a storm hit and brought down a tree.

    She said her grandfather’s grave site is now upside down.

    “Body parts are out,” Tracey Lane said. “Caskets are out. It’s not fair.” 

    She said the pastor responsible for the cemetery told her he would fill the hole with dirt and lift the fallen tree.

    “No. We need his body back in a place, not dirt just covered up on him,” she said. “He was somebody. He was our grandfather.” 

    She said the thought of having to re-bury her grandfather is agonizing. 

    “We didn’t bring him here in dirt,” Tracey Lane said. “We brought him here in a casket. We want his pieces back together.” 

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    Diane Smith said her grandfather deserves to be treated better. 

    “I know he’s no longer living, among the living,” Smith said. “He’s not living. However, this is unacceptable to the dead. They should’ve done something by now.” 

    As the family left, Ben Cole, a deacon trustee of Hopewell Church No. 1 in Holly Springs, arrived and started cutting down the tree. He said he doesn’t think the family will have to pay for it.

    The Lanes said this is not what resting in peace looks like. 

    “That’s not acceptable,” Tracey Lane said. “That’s not acceptable to our family.” 

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