McDonald's customer arrested after allegedly putting soda in water cup, hitting manager with car

And you thought the Hamburglar was bad.

SPRINGDALE, Ark. — KHBS/KHOG reports that an Arkansas teen is facing a felony robbery charge after he allegedly put soda in a water cup at a McDonald's restaurant, then refused to return the drink and hit the manager with his car.

According to the police report, Cody Morris, 18, and two other people ordered three large waters Monday at a McDonald's drive-through in Springdale, then went inside the restaurant and put soda in their cups. When the manager asked the customers to return the soda, two agreed, but Morris refused and tried to leave, police said.
That's when things took a super-sized turn for the worse.
The manager reportedly tried to block the suspect from leaving by standing behind his car. The driver then ran into the manager, who tried to grab the keys from the ignition and was struck again, police said.

Morris was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on a felony robbery charge and is scheduled to appear in court Friday, KHBS/KHOG reports.