Alleged cult leader found mummified, decorated in Christmas lights, members charged

SAGUACHE COUNTY, Colo. — The leader of the alleged cult “Love Has Won” has been found mummified and wrapped in Christmas lights at a home in Colorado.

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The remains of Lia (Amy) Carlson, the believed leader of the cult, who also went by the name “Mother God,” were found after a member of the group alerted police of her death, The Denver Post reported.

Miguel Lamboy told Salida Police of Carlson’s death and that fellow alleged cult members asked if they could stay at his home on April 27. He said that when he returned to his house, he found Carlson dead, her eyes missing, and she appeared to have been mummified, KXRM reported.

When police searched Lamboy’s home, they found Carlson’s remains lying on a bed, wrapped in what looked like a sleeping bag. She had glitter makeup around her eyes and she was decorated with Christmas tree lights, KXRM reported.

Officers described the scene as a shrine, the Post reported.

Lamboy told police he thinks Carlson was taken from California.

Police also found two children, a 13-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy, KCNC reported. Both were asleep when police searched the home. Officers called the Department of Social Services, KXRM reported.

Seven people were arrested, charged with abuse of a corpse and child abuse. They are jailed on a $2,000 bond.

According to KXRM, those charged include:

  • John Robertson, 32
  • Christopher Royer, 35
  • Sarah Rudolph, 36
  • Karin Raymond, 47
  • Jason Costillo, 45
  • Obduliah Franco, 52
  • Ryan Kramer, 30

A member of the cult posted to the group’s Facebook page that Mother God had “ascended” but the cult has not responded to The Denver Post’s request for a comment. But she had apparently told her followers that she would either leave the Earth on a spaceship or disappear through an ocean portal, the newspaper reported.

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