Bob Saget death: Authorities release photos of hotel room where comedian died

Photos taken as part of the investigation into the death of comedian Bob Saget have been released by law enforcement authorities, according to

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Nearly 60 photos which show different parts of the hotel room Saget was found in on Jan. 9 were released. The photos were part of the full report on his death. They were released a week after his family was granted a permanent injunction to block the release of certain other documents and photos that were part of the investigation.

A Florida judge blocked the release of 90 of the 147 photos taken during the Orange County Sheriff’s Office investigation of Saget’s death.

The remaining 57 photos of Saget’s hotel room will “not be protected by any statutory exemption,” Judge Vincent Chiu ruled last week.

Saget died after he suffered accidental head trauma, according to Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany. He also had slight swelling and a small bruise to the corner of his left eye, WFTV reported.

The Associated Press reported that Saget’s injuries were possibly caused by hitting “something hard, covered by something soft,” a padded headboard or the carpeted floor, for example.

The photos released Tuesday showed a bed that was still made up, a minibar area, the bathroom, the hotel room door and a “privacy” sign, among other things. One photo showed Saget’s clothing hanging in the closet.

One photo showed the thermostat, which was set to 74 degrees, and another a trash bin with discarded face masks.

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