‘In the final chapter’: Grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter shares update

The grandson of former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalyn, provided an update on their health.

Josh Carter told People that his visits with his grandparents have been different since their recent health updates, according to WSB-TV.

“My grandparents have always been the entertainers,” Josh Carter told People. “But now we’re kind of the ones having to entertain. It’s different, it’s just a different era.”

Jimmy Carter is currently 98 years old, according to People. Rosalynn Carter is 96.

“It’s clear we’re in the final chapter,” Josh Carter told the magazine.

Josh Carter, 39, said that since his grandfather began hospice there has always been someone at the house with them. He also said the couple hasn’t been as active as they used to be, People reported.

In February, it was learned that Jimmy Carter had entered hospice care at home with his family without any additional medical treatment. WSB reported that three months after his announcement, the Carter Center announced that his wife, Rosalynn Carter, was diagnosed with dementia.

“He’s still fully Jimmy Carter,” Josh says about his grandfather, according to People. “He’s just tired. I mean he’s almost 99 years old, but he fully understands [how many well wishes he’s received] and has felt the love.”

Josh Carter says his grandmother is aware she has been diagnosed with dementia and had even “signed off on the May press release” when her diagnosis was announced, CNN reported.

“She still knows who we are, for the most part -- that we are family,” Josh Carter said, according to People. “My grandmother is still able to form new memories.”

For the moment, the couple’s family is focused on showing their love and appreciation for them. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter are the longest-married presidential couple ever, according to the news outlet. They were married in 1946.

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