Making his pitch: Tyler Glasnow did not balk in attempt to meet girlfriend

Tyler Glasnow

Tyler Glasnow is not only a commanding presence on the mound with his 6-foot-8 height. He is also somewhat of a smooth operator.

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He made a crafty pitch to land his current girlfriend, Meghan Murphy, three years ago during an MLB game.

Dodgers announcer Joe Davis noted during a May 10 broadcast that Glasnow, currently in his first season in Los Angeles, saw Murphy in the stands while he was pitching for the Tampa Bay Rays in 2021, People reported.

Davis said that Glasnow asked a photographer to help out so he could get a better look.

“At the ballpark, when he was pitching for the Rays, he said he noticed her off in the distance and said, ‘She looks cute,’” Davis said. “So he had the team photographer zoom in on her.

“So he gets a ball and writes his phone number on it, throws it up to her, and said, ‘Text me.’ She comes to the next game, throws him a ball back with her number, and says, ‘No, you text me,’ and so he did and the rest is history.”

Glasnow, a nine-year veteran in the majors who is off to a 6-1 start this season with the Dodgers, claimed it was the only time he had ever been so bold.

He certainly did not balk at the chance to connect.

During a March interview with the Los Angeles Times, Glasnow conceded that the story is “a little creepy” but was happy to discuss it.

“I saw a girl who was kind of cute, so I had our team photographer zoom in on her -- this just sounds very weird -- but she was wholesome, with a girl-next-door look,” Glasnow told the newspaper.

The right-hander admitted he did not think he would get past first base with Murphy, but baseball can be a funny game. They have been dating ever since.

“I didn’t think anything would come of it, but then I met her, and she was awesome,” Glasnow told the Times. “She has a really good personality, loves to travel and is really fun, so it’s super easy. That was the first time I’ve ever thrown a ball to someone (with my phone number on it), too. And I still don’t think she believes me.”

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