Man arrested for climbing under tanker truck filled with wine, begins drinking

MODESTO, Calif. — A man in California got in trouble with the law because of wine and a sandwich.

California Highway Patrol in Modesto said Gabriel Moreno pulled next to a tanker trunk that was hauling wine. Moreno motioned to the truck’s driver like something was wrong police said.

When they pulled off, Moreno ran from his car, wearing only his underwear, and ran to the back of the trailer. Little did the driver know, Moreno not only ran to the back of the trailer but climbed the attached ladder as the truck driver drove away, The Modesto Bee reported.

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Police said Moreno unscrewed a valve to try to drink the wine that was pouring from the truck, KOVR reported.

The driver couldn’t see exactly what Moreno was doing but noticed a gauge on the dashboard that the truck was losing weight, so after about a mile, he pulled over, the Bee reported.

When the driver did stop, Moreno jumped down and laid under the wine pouring from the tank, doing snow, er wine, angels drinking what he could, KOVR reported.

He then ran away, with bystanders calling officials saying they saw a man running covered in blood, but was in reality wine.

The incident was caught on dashcam.

Moreno was arrested, charged with felony vandalism and misdemeanor driving on a suspended license, the Bee reported.

But Moreno’s story doesn’t end there.

He was quickly released due to a rule governing arrests during the coronavirus pandemic.

But his release came too quick for him apparently. Moreno was upset because he didn’t get his jailhouse sandwich, police said.

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office officials said he tried to steal a truck from a neighboring business just so he could be rearrested and get his sandwich.

On Wednesday, May 6th, 2020, a sergeant with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department took notice of a large crowd...

Posted by Stanislaus County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

But again, because of the coronavirus rules, Moreno was arrested, charged and then released to help ease jail crowding.

As for the wine, truck company officials told KOVR they lost about 1,000 gallons of wine or about 5,000 bottles full.