Mother offering $300 for quilt accidentally donated to thrift store

OSWEGO, N.Y. — A woman is offering a $300 reward to anyone who finds a sentimental quilt that was accidentally donated to a thrift store. It also could have been mistakenly thrown away.

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Jamie Currier-Dix crafted a quilt made from old T-shirts to surprise her daughter Alyssa with, reported. It included T-shirts from Alyssa’s boyfriend who died when they were together. Another patch was made of a shirt from a commemorative golf event honoring her late uncle. Others were old T-shirts that she slept in as a child.

This was donated to one of our Thrifty Shoppers accidentally. If you bought this or know anything about it please contact the phone number listed. It is very sentimental. Thank you!

Posted by Thrifty Shopper on Monday, October 26, 2020

Currier-Dix gave it to one of her daughter’s friends to deliver to her in North Carolina.

But the quilt never made it.

“It’s a big loss for her because of those special T-shirts that were in it,” Currier-Dix said. “The biggest thing to me is she never even saw it. I had it all put together. I picked it up and thought I was delivering it to her faster.”

The friend was in the middle of a move. He had items to donate to Rescue Mission and some to throw away. Currier-Dix gave him the quilt in a black trash bag.

“And there again, I’m feeling the guilt in that one,” she said. “If I had put it into a gift bag, or something other than a garbage bag.”

She hopes someone might see it, call her and return it. She has visited nearly a dozen Rescue Mission thrift stores in search of it. There is a chance it is still sitting in a warehouse waiting to be processed by thrift store staff.

The worst fear is it ended up in a landfill.