Yoga domes pop up for exercise during age of coronavirus

TORONTO — Yoga at home is one thing, but training with friends is another ballgame.

To help socially distance but still be social, yoga domes popped up in Toronto.

For just over the next month, geodesic domes will cover the grounds of Hotel X for six yoga studios to hold hot yoga classes, CTV News reported.

The domes are 7 feet tall and 12 feet wide, according to Insider.

The 50 clear domes are for individuals who must bring their own mats.

Each will have a heating system to bring the inside temperature to 98.6 degrees. The domes will be clean and disinfected after each use, CTV News reported.

The classes will be individually geared to the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. The instructor will be in their own dome on a raised platform so everyone can see with instructions piped in through speakers into each dome, Insider reported.

Lmnts studio will also offer pilates and other fitness classes in the pop-up space.