Violent fight caught on camera at Westside High

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A student was brutally beaten in a fight on campus at Westside High School.

The cell phone video shows the girl being thrown to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the head.

In the video, you can see a teacher step in to break up the fight and physically pull a student off the girl who was on the ground.

While the teacher restrained the student, another girl stomped on the student’s head again.

Action News Jax reached out to the Duval County Public School District to find out if any students were disciplined, including the student who was brutally beaten.

According to section 2.09 in the student code of conduct, students can face discipline when two or more persons mutually participate in physical violence that requires physical restraint and/or results in injury.

Under section 2.10 in the code of conduct, students can also face discipline when a student intentionally initiates a fight between others or with another student.

Action News Jax told you last week a student at Sandalwood High was suspended for a fight in which she claims she was just defending herself.

The school district said a student that responds to a physical attack with a combative response not through self-defense could face consequences.

Under section 2.12 in the code of conduct, self-defense is described as “an action to block an attack by another person or to shield yourself from being hit by another person.”

A student will not be disciplined if the retaliation meets that definition, per DCPS.

However, if the student retaliates by hitting a person back, that is not considered self-defense, according to the code of conduct.

Duval County Public Schools sent this statement:

"Violence on our campuses is simply unacceptable, and any student who engages in it will be disciplined according to the Code of Conduct. Students may also face possible arrest and criminal charges depending on the incident.

"As we work to create positive learning environments in all of our campuses, we ask parents to partner with us in talking to their children about this behavior, and discussing as well as modeling positive conflict resolution strategies at home."