• Waterslide collapses at Eagle Harbor in Fleming Island; 13 injured


    FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. - The Fleming Island High School band's pool party quickly spiraled out of control when a group of 10 to 15 teenagers went flying down a small community slide all at once. 

    "They were all going down in a train," said witness Erica Carnegie.  

    Carnegie, 11, watched in horror as the slide and collapsed, throwing almost everyone into the lake beside it. Thirteen teens were injured; two of them had to be hospitalized. 

    "I saw people get of wheeled out on gurneys," said Carnegie.  

    Everyone was in a panic. Lifeguards sprung into action and even helped Clay County Fire and Rescue provide aid to the victims. Most of the injuries were minor in nature, including bruises, abrasions and lacerations.

    "There was a lot of chaos, there were a lot of people leaving the scene. We had 13 patients but there may have been more that left before we got here," said Clay County Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Tom Rodgers.  

    Action News has learned that Fleming Island High School chaperones were there when it happened. Rodgers said a sign on the slide said only one occupant was to be on the slide at a time.

    The Clay County School Board said it's looking into it. 

    "I'm sure that everything that was supposed to be done was being done correctly," said school board member Janice Kerekes. 

    The pool is owned by The Crossings at Fleming Island Community Development District, and a spokesperson for them will make a statement Friday morning.

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