What goes into signing day?

DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. — Every February we see a flurry of signings across the area for student athletes in all sports, and everyone has a unique decision to make. From Oregon State to the Naval Academy to Jacksonville University, different factors can steer a signee in any one of many directions.

Football players receive the biggest spotlight on signing day, and for some, the recruiting experience is a blast. Take, for example, CeCe Jefferson of Baker County. In the lead-up to his highly anticipated decision, the standout defensive end tantalized Twitter followers by wearing the gear of many different schools just to keep people guessing.

Decisions can come down to playing time, a relationship with a certain coach or distance from home, among many influencing factors. Each student athlete ranks these factors differently and while some want to shine on the big stage of Division 1 football, others are more concerned with their education and what degrees that school offers.

So, while all we show on National Signing Day is the meeting of pen and paper, keep in mind that it's the culmination of months and even years of preparation and decision making.

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