Why summertime is a great time to adopt a pet

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — If you’re looking to add a pet to your family, the Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) says now is the ideal time to adopt with their stray populations growing.

Theo and Debbie Webb adopted their new kitten August from JHS on Sunday.

“She’s so sweet!” Debbie exclaimed.

“We’ve been looking for a new addition to the family for about a month,” Theo said.

Despite Sunday’s free adoption event for Father’s Day, this couple is still donating.

“Gonna donate to help other animals,” Theo explained.

Even though kittens are available for you to take them home year-round, it’s especially critical to help adopt them during the summer months.

That’s when kitten populations spike. In fact, JHS has taken in 970 kittens in the past two months.

“They actually said they’ve had a lot that’s come in so they said they need people in here getting as many kittens as you can,” Theo pointed out.

And whether you want a dog or cat, there’s a free adoption event for everyone coming up on July 9 - July 11. It’s part of the National Clear the Shelter Campaign.

Theo hopes people consider supporting these shelters.

“More people need to get here and get more animals because they do take good care of them,” he said.

“There’s so many out there that need a good home.”