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Local Steals and Deals: Phone gadgets we love with Tenikle, LVL and Rush Charge Magnet

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16 September, 2022

Local Steals & Deals: Phone gadgets we love with Tenikle, LVL and Rush Charge Magnet

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Phone gadgets to make life easier with Tenikle, LVL, and Rush Charge Magnet

Cell phones have changed our lives, and so will these gadgets.They’re some of the most useful smartphone accessories you can buy. From the coolest flexible phone mount by Tenikle to portable chargers from LVL and Rush Charge, you’ll work better and stay connected.


Deal: $29.99

Retail: $45.00

(While supplies last)


As seen on Shark Tank, this genius tool with crazy suction will go with you everywhere! Tenikle 360 is the best mount for all of your devices! This flexible suction cup tripod mount is a unique solution to holding your phone, camera, or any other device. You can use it at home, work, attach it to your bike and more! We’ve got a great deal at 33% off!

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LVL 26 Cable Free Charger Kit:

Deal: $29.99

Retail: $49.99

(While supplies last)


When you’re out of juice and need to connect, LVL will be your best friend. It’s the most convenient, lightweight, and compact charger that extends the life of your device while you are on the go. With a powerful, rechargeable battery, the cable-free design allows you to plug it directly into any compatible device. Grab one at 40% off!

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Rush Charge Magnet

Deal: $48.99

Retail: $69.99

(While supplies last)


If you’re always on the run, the Rush Charge Magnet will keep you going. It’s the wireless charger that firmly attaches to the back of your phone. Designed for simplicity of use, it’s slim and compact so you can keep moving without thinking about your next charge. Get 30% off today!

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