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Local Steals & Deals: Revitalize Your Home with Bernini and Drillbrush!

Revitalize Your Home with Bernini & Drillbrush!
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8 March, 2024

Revitalize Your Home with Bernini and Drillbrush!

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Spruce Up Your Surroundings!

Revamp your household routines with our latest deals featuring Bernini Hoses and Drillbrush. Bernini Hoses offer durable and versatile options to tackle outdoor watering tasks easily, while Drillbrush provides efficient cleaning solutions for various surfaces in and around your home. From scrubbing stubborn stains to watering your garden, these products make household chores a breeze. With Bernini Hoses' innovative design and Drillbrush's powerful capabilities, achieving a sparkling home has never been easier. These fantastic deals will upgrade your cleaning arsenal and simplify your daily chores


Deal: $59.50-$71.99

Retail: $74.19-$89.50

(While supplies last)

Special Offer

Upgrade your gardening experience with Bernini hoses. The expanding metal hose offers flexibility and durability, expanding up to three times its original length for convenient watering in your garden. Its lightweight design and kink-resistant construction make it easy to maneuver and store. The Pro Series hose features a heavy-duty metal construction that ensures reliable performance and longevity. Equipped with an aluminum nozzle, this hose delivers precise watering with adjustable spray patterns. Bernini has the perfect hose to meet your gardening needs!

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Deal: $29.99

Retail: $37.90

(While supplies last)

21% Off

Experience the cleaning efficiency of Drillbrush, your ultimate cleaning companion. With a range of brush options and soft to medium bristles, cleaning is a breeze on various surfaces in your home and car. From tough bathroom stains to grimy car interiors, the easy-ti-use brushes remove dirt and grime easily. Attach them to any standard cordless drill and watch as they tackle stains and buildup effortlessly. Say goodbye to tedious scrubbing and hello to sparkling clean surfaces with Drillbrush!

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