• Buresh Blog: Solar eclipse!... Aug. averages - July 26th

    By: Michael Buresh


    July 26, 2017 - The "Buresh Blog" takes a bit of a break until the week of Aug. 7th....  I'll continue to update "Talking the Tropics With Mike" every day!

    The epic great American solar eclipse is fast approaching!  Go to the First Alert Eclipse 2017 site for a bunch of info.  Remember to never - especially during an eclipse - look at the sun without some sort of eye protection.  Glynn Co. parents have petitioned the school board to excuse students from school on Aug. 21.  Many hotels are sold out &/or charging exorbitant prices along & near the path of totality.... even portable toilets are in high demand... Oregon has an emergency management plan... Kentucky will activiate the National Guard!... & NASA wants "citizen scientists" during the eclipse.

    We turn our calendar to August & just like that, it's the last full month of summer!  Averages at JIA:

    Low / High: 1st - 73 / 92.... 31st - 72 / 89

    Rainfall: 6.80"

    SR / SS: 1st - 6:46am / 8:20pm ..... 31st - 7:03am / 7:50pm - LOSE 47 min. of daylight!

    Spectacular photos / videos out of NASA showing satellite imagery of hurricane "Matthew" last Sept. & Oct..  NASA:

    "Earth observing satellites provide insights into Matthew's rapid intensification and fast decline. This show was designed for the NASA Hyperwall to be shown at the 2017 American Meteorlogical Society (AMS) Conference. The show highlight's NASA's GPM Core System that works hand-in-hand with numerous other datasets, including model runs."

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