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First Alert Weather Team recommends you use weekend to make sure you’re storm-ready

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — With the tropics heating up, it’s time to make sure you’re ready. Our Action News Jax First Alert Weather Team recommends this weekend, you take a close look at what’s around your home.

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Amy Tajadari is using this break in hot weather to knock out some chores, but also to prepare for any storm headed our way.

“I just mowed so I won’t have to do that next week,” she said. “And [I can avoid doing it with] all the rain and the winds and who knows what’s going on.”

Since we’re going into the weekend, our First Alert Weather Team says you should take advantage of the time to double check you’ve got all your necessary supplies, and clear anything that could turn into a projectile.

“I move all my pots and things that I think might blow around and put them in the garage, move the trash cans, anything loose that might blow anywhere,” Tajadari added.

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Our Action News Jax First Alert Weather Team says this weekend is a good time to get rid of any dead tree branches and clean out your gutters. It wants to emphasize the ground is soggy and the winds gusty, which can make weak trees fall.

As a reminder, we have a comprehensive Hurricane Preparation Guide available HERE.