Family Focus: Families share impact of your donations on Tenikka’s Books for Kids

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Tenikka’s Books for Kids 2021 will wrap up Friday, March 12.  The donations you give now will be given to children this summer.

Action News Jax anchor Tenikka Hughes talked to two local families who received some of your book donations last year.

Alexa Alarcon said her boys participated in the Jacksonville Public Library’s Summer Learning Program for the first time last year and earned free books from Tenikka’s Books for Kids for their home library. 

Alarcon said the books have made a noticeable difference.

“We think reading’s super-important and we’ve seen a payoff. Kieran just started kindergarten this year and he’s already reading. It’s amazing. Just amazes me every day. Because we just read all the time,” Alarcon said.

When asked what type of books he liked to read, 6-year-old Keiran said, “I like fun books!” Kieran also reads to his 3-year-old brother Brendan, who said he enjoys Paw Patrol books.

Sisters Isabell and Jasoda are also avid readers who have received your book donations to Tenikka’s Books for Kids.

“I like reading because there’s problems that you can solve, and some of them are nonfiction books.”

Seven-year-old Jasoda said, “I really want to learn about lots of stuff, because I have like lots of questions in my head!”

Four-year-old sister Isabell said, “I like to read to my dolly, and my stuffy bear, my dog and my parents!”

Excitement and a love of reading are the gifts you give with each donation to Tenikka’s Books for Kids.

The girls’ mother, Ann Miles, encourages everyone to donate and help make a big difference.

Miles said, “There’s a lot of people who don’t have the have the capacity to purchase books or access to a nearby library. So if you’re able to donate, even if it’s a book that costs a dollar, you can still read the same book over and over and learn in so many different ways.”

You can buy books to donate or make a donation to the Jacksonville Library Foundation here.