Clark Howard

Back to School: Clark Howard explains how inflation may hit your wallet on certain items

The pandemic has raised the price of everything from groceries to cars.

Action News Jax asked our consumer advisor Clark Howard if inflation will hurt your wallet when you’re getting your kids ready to go back to school.

Action News Jax: All right, so, Clark Howard we know inflation is a real thing … cars, houses, you name it, but does it also affect school supplies?

Clark Howard: In some ways. So, if you think about things you’re buying for school -- pens, pencils, notebooks, that kind of stuff, lunchboxes -- those are not really effective because those are seasonal items that are brought in by the retailer, especially for the back to school so those are all promotionally priced.

ANJ: OK b,ut we have like other things that we’re using, especially because of the pandemic -- laptops, computers, electronics -- is that where they’re gonna feel it?

CH: That’s not a good story. I mean the computer prices because of the chip problems, and the shortages that built up with all the people doing school at home, and people working at home. That one’s not so good, you’re gonna see computer prices higher this year than last year, and clothing, not as much supply, so we’re not going to be able to be as fashionable as you, they’ll be more like me.

ANJ: That’s the way to go. That’s the way to go back to school Clark Howard. Again, thanks for the advice.