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Free Netflix Now Available for DISH Customers

Are you paying full price for your Netflix subscription?

DISH Network, which is one of the leading satellite TV providers in the country, is working to help change that.

Thanks to a new promotion that was announced on June 26, 2024, DISH is offering its existing customers a chance for discounted or free Netflix.

Though it does require that you pay for a live TV package, it may still be a way for some customers to save on their video streaming bill each month.

Let's take a look at the details of the new "DISH + Netflix" offer.

“DISH + Netflix” Promotion Offers Chance for Free Netflix Subscription

Starting June 26, existing DISH customers who commit to a new two-year agreement can take advantage of this "DISH + Netflix" deal.

The offer includes free access to a Netflix Standard with ads subscription for two years. That’s a savings of $6.99 per month.

If you prefer the ad-free version of Netflix, we have some good news for you, too. Customers can upgrade to the Netflix Standard plan (without ads) or the Premium plan at a reduced rate. Effectively, you’ll receive that $6.99 as a discount on the more expensive tiers.

Here are the promotional options:

DISH says the Netflix content can be seamlessly integrated into your DISH service. This means you can enjoy Netflix content integrated into your DISH ecosystem.

The fine print on the offer turned up the following things you should consider:

  • This deal requires a new 24-month commitment with an early termination fee.
  • You must have the Hopper 3, Hopper Duo or Wally receiver.
  • Netflix Standard with Ads plan is included for 2 years as a $6.99 monthly bill credit. After 2 years, you will pay the retail price unless you cancel.
  • Netflix price is not included in the price lock offer and is subject to change. So, if Netflix raises its price, DISH may not necessarily account for that in your bill credits.
  • New and existing Netflix customers are eligible to claim this deal.

Are you considering taking this offer for free Netflix? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the community.

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