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US Mobile: New Plan Prices, and AT&T Network Coming Soon

US Mobile has updated its lineup of cell phone plans with new prices. The new lineup has eliminated multi-line discounts and no longer includes international calling on all monthly unlimited plans. However, monthly unlimited data is now available for $25, which is the same price as Visible (Review).

In this article, I’ll take a closer look at all of the changes to US Mobile’s plans. I’ll also share what we know so far about US Mobile’s newest network option: Dark Star (AT&T).

US Mobile’s New Plan Prices & Updates to Included Plan Features

US Mobile has announced several changes to its current plan lineup.

In addition to new plan prices, multi-line discounts have been eliminated on unlimited plans. Two different shared data plans are still available for customers with multiple lines.

Also, Unlimited Premium will now be the only monthly plan to include international calling. Instead, customers can purchase an international calling add-on for $3/month. Shared data plans have the same international calling add-on for $3 per month per line. Annual unlimited plans will still include international calling.

When it comes to specific plan prices and changes, here’s what’s new at US Mobile:

Light Plan

The cheapest phone plan from US Mobile still costs only $10 monthly. However, the annual plan price has increased to $96 annually (up from $72). Previously, the plan included 1GB of high-speed data per month. Now, the plan includes 2GB of high-speed data. Monthly Light Plan users can add international calling for $3/month. If you have the annual version of the Light Plan, you can add international calling for $36/year.

Shared Data/By The Gig Plans

US Mobile has eliminated three plans (6GB for $18, 12GB for $25 and 30GB for $50). Now, there are only two options: 2GB or 10GB.

The 2GB plan has not changed and still costs $10 monthly for one line. The only difference is that international calling is no longer included. Instead, it's available as an add-on for $3 monthly per line.

The new 10GB plan costs $20 monthly for one line with the same international calling add-on available. With either plan, you can add more lines for $8/line.

Monthly Plans

Unlimited Starter is now available for $25 (previously $29). The plan no longer includes international calling (available for $3/month as an add-on) and there are no multiline discounts. 

Unlimited Premium is now available for $44 (previously $50). International calling is still included with this plan, and it now includes "Super Carrier Mode" which allows you to switch networks for free up to eight times per month.

Annual Plans

Unlimited Flex now costs $210 for 12 months (previously $180). This annual plan still includes international calling, and it now also includes 5GB hotspot data per month (previously only available as an annual $30 add-on). 

Unlimited Starter now costs $270 for 12 months (previously $276). While the monthly version of this plan no longer includes international calling, the annual plan does. You'll also get 1GB of data for roaming in Canada and Mexico on the Warp (Verizon) network. On the GSM (T-Mobile) network, the 1GB roaming data extends to 180 countries.

Unlimited Premium now costs $390 for 12 months (previously $450). Just like the monthly version of this plan, it still includes international calling and Super Carrier Mode.

You can check out all of US Mobile's plans, prices and features on the company's website. Additionally, you can read our full review of US Mobile here.

US Mobile’s New Network Transfer Tool With AT&T’s Network Coming Soon

In addition to plan pricing and changes, US Mobile is officially beta testing their newest network: Dark Star. The new network will provide customers with access to AT&T's towers. Currently, US Mobile offers two networks: GSM LTE (T-Mobile) and Warp 5G (Verizon).

According to US Mobile, the Dark Star network will launch for all customers later this summer.

In addition to bringing in the third network, US Mobile is allowing customers to switch between any of the three networks at any time. This is a great way to test which network gives you the best coverage in your area.

Customers can log in to their US Mobile accounts online and use the Network Transfer tool to choose a new network.

“Our new Network Transfer tool (TelePortal) is live for everyone now in our web app (coming soon to our mobile apps). This officially makes US Mobile the first ever Super Carrier. Switch between all three networks to get the best coverage possible.”

Source: US Mobile

The first two network transfers are free on any US Mobile. After that, it'll cost $2 per transfer unless you're on the Unlimited Premium plan. The Unlimited Premium plan includes unlimited free transfers, although you can still only transfer networks eight times per billing cycle.

You can learn more about US Mobile's current network options and features here.

Are you a US Mobile customer? Share your thoughts on the new plan prices and features in our Community!

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