Florida man tells police he stalked woman for her ‘nice butt'

Paul Taylor 

During lunch breaks, a Wellington, Fla. man would drive out of his way to get a better look at the woman with “a nice butt” walking along Wellington Trace, the man told Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies.

He had for nearly a month, he said.

The woman recognized Paul Taylor, 29, in late January during a trip to her local Publix Super Market. He was working in the bakery, she said.

Taylor, who told deputies he is married, was arrested Friday on a stalking charge. He was released from the Palm Beach County Jail later that day on a $500 cash bond.

The woman told deputies she was walking along Wellington Trace one afternoon when a motorist flagged her down. A man in a black Honda was following her, the driver said, and would circle around to drive past her again.

The woman told deputies that she noticed a black two-door Honda Civic seemingly following her when she’d walk in the afternoons. He’d make numerous U-turns and park ahead of where she was walking.

Taylor would just stare at her, the woman said, and made her uncomfortable.

She noted the license plate number, which deputies traced to Taylor. She switched Publix stores after she saw Taylor working in the bakery, she said.

The woman told deputies she lives in fear and that her life “has suffered a dramatic change,” according to sheriff’s office records.

Taylor admitted to driving down streets “with no purpose other than to stare at the victim,” records state. He said he’d been doing so once or twice a week for nearly a month.

Taylor told deputies he realized his actions could make someone uneasy and expressed remorse.