• Florida woman dies while loading groceries in Publix parking lot

    By: Olivia Hitchcock, The Palm Beach Post


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    Josephine Bogovich was putting groceries in the trunk of her car late Thursday outside a Publix Super Market when she was hit and killed by a car, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office authorities said.

    The 48-year-old Lake Worth woman was dragged under a 2001 Honda Odyssey that reversed into her car and another in the lot on South Military Trail just south of Melaleuca Lane, sheriff’s authorities said.

    At about 10:30 p.m. Celavie Ducles quickly reversed the Odyssey out of a parking space, sheriff’s records state. She had two passengers in the car.

    The Odyssey reportedly continued toward the 2011 BMW 335 Bogovich was standing behind.

    Dulces continued reversing the car, with Bogovich being dragged underneath, until it hit a curb and stopped.

    Bogovich was pronounced dead at the scene, sheriff’s authorities said.

    It was not immediately known whether Dulces will face charges in the fatal wreck.

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