UF announces Jim McElwain as head football coach

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. — The new University of Florida head football coach is  Jim McElwain of Colorado State University.

Will Muschamp resigned as the Gators' football head coach after the Florida-South Carolina.

University of Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley arrived back in Gainesville, walking off the plane alone Wednesday night. No official announcement had come from UF as of Wednesday night.

Many think of a dominant offense and great offensive players when thinking about Gators football. However, it hasn't been like that the past couple of seasons. Now, fans are hoping a new coach can bring the offense back to the glory days.

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Brand new Gator gear is already on the shelves for next season and pretty soon there could be a new head football coach too.

Even with the Gators' less than impressive record this season, some were sad to see the firing of Muschamp.

"It's unfortunate that Muschamp had to leave because I think he worked really hard," said Derek Jensen, a UF junior. "But, if the boosters aren't happy that's just how it is."

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But, more than anything, Gator fans are hoping that if frontrunner McElwain does take over the head coaching job, he'll improve the Gators' 90th-ranked offense. With McElwain's current team ranked 13th offensively, fans say he may be able to do just that.

"Our offense definitely does need some work. I feel like if we got someone that could come in in that area especially without quarterbacks and receivers, we have been struggling that could definitely be an improvement to our game," said Jensen.