Ahmaud Arbery: Peaceful demonstration planned to honor what would’ve been his 26th birthday

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Gregory McMichael and his son Travis were arrested Thursday and charged with murder and aggravated assault, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The arrests came one day before the man they are accused of killing, Ahmaud Arbery, would have celebrated his 26th birthday.


  • The deadly shooting happened on Feb. 23 in the Satilla Shores neighborhood in Glynn County. Video shows Arbery jogging in the neighborhood, when the McMichaels confronted Arbery with two firearms. During the encounter, Arbery was shot and killed.
  • For over two months there were no arrests made in Arbery’s death, until the video was leaked May 5 online showing the last moments of Arbery’s life. The GBI was requested to investigate.


The GBI will hold a news conference regarding the case on Friday, May 8 at 9 a.m. We’re expected to learn more about the McMichaels arrest and more about another person they believe could be connected. Action News Jax will carry the briefing LIVE on FOX30 and CBS47 and online by clicking here or here. The briefing can also be watched on the Action News Jax NOW app for Amazon Fire, Apple TV or Roku.

The NAACP is planning a peaceful demonstration Friday at 10 a.m. in honor of Arbery’s birthday. It will be held at the Glynn County courthouse.

Another demonstration, organized by Ben Frazier of the Northside Coalition, is also planned on Friday at 5 p.m. in Jacksonville at the Duval County courthouse. Dozens of people plan to peacefully protest Arbery’s death and to honor his birthday. “It’s unfortunate that it took a video to get justice,” Frazier said.

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The McMichaels were arrested and booked into the Glynn County jail, charged with felony murder and aggravated assault. By law, charges are a formal allegation of an offense that has not yet been proven.

The law requires a judge to review the circumstances surrounding a person’s arrest and why they’re being detained within 48 hours, during the first appearance, the judge would give them a copy of the complaint.

They can then appoint an attorney, they are inform of their rights and a bail will be set. Next, there will be pretrial hearings to determine if a crime was committed and if the charges brought, fit the acts committed. If probable cause is established, the case will be forwarded to the district attorney to presents it to the grand jury. In Georgia, each county has its own grand jury made up of a group of randomly selected community citizens. if the grand jury finds there is sufficient evidence, it will issue a “true bill” of indictment. Then, the suspects will be formally charged and asked to plea, setting up a trial.

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