Hurricane Michael leaves damage behind in Tallahassee near FSU and FAMU

Hurricane Michael made landfall Wednesday as a Cat. 4 hurricane, and as the storm made its way through the Panhandle, destroying homes and businesses in Mexico Beach and Panama City, two universities were also in its path two hours away.

“Damage is definitely going to be bad,” FSU student, Kobe Jones said.

Florida State University and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University were both impacted by Hurricane Michael in Tallahassee.

Updates: Hurricane Michael moves north after causing heavy damage to Florida

“It was kind of shocking to be like, oh man this is going to be Category 4 this is pretty bad,” FSU student, Heather Holmes said.

Holmes said students were alerted Monday during midterms and college closed for the rest of the week.

“A lot of people left immediately,” Holmes said.

She left with her two pets, but she said several friends and her boyfriend stayed behind.

“He already lost power and he’s been keeping me updated,” Holmes said.

At last check close to 100,000 customers were in the dark in Tallahassee.

“Natural disasters are not a joke and I think my safety is really important,” FAMU student, Briana Orsborn said.

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That’s why Orsborn said she packed up her bags and left FAMU Monday. She said everyone in town was rushing to get prepared.

“Everyone ran to the gas stations, Walmart, Win Dixie, all the water was gone, and all the perishables were gone,” Orsborn said.

Most students said they plan on heading back to campus at the end of the week.

“I’ve never seen one get that bad, so I’m interested to see how Tallahassee holds up,” Jones said. Their biggest concern will be power outages.

“I think we’re prepared as a city, but what we aren’t prepared for is power outages and there are so many trees in Tallahassee,” Holmes said.

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