Action News Jax Investigates: Dangerous blood clots from binge watching

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Watching your favorite shows could increase your risk of dangerous blood clots.

Bobby Puznak, like many people, binge watches his favorite TV shows when he's not at work.

“If it’s during the week probably an hour or two, but on the weekend maybe four to five hours,” Puzank said.

UF Health Dr. Mariam Louis specializes in blood clots in the lungs, which can be deadly.

“Those who spend more than five hours watching TV per day were two times more likely to develop blood clots.” Louis said.

Dr. Louis said it is a perfect environment for clots.

“There's definitely a concern as we become more sedentary population, we're going to see an up-tick in cases,” Dr. Louis said.

“I had to rush to the ER because the pain was debilitating,” said former blood clot patient Shelby Cochrane.

Cochrane isn't a binge watcher, but she's battled blood clots for years, controlling them through diet and blood thinners.

“Don't take the chance with anything with your health, it’s not worth it,” Cochrane said.

Experts say to prevent blood clots simply scrunching your toes to get the blood flowing or get up and walk around.

“Watch the movies, if you want, binge watch the entire season, go to the fridge, stretch your legs, everything in moderation,” Dr. Louis said.

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