• 3 men in custody after I-95 shootout

    By: Leslie Coursey


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police said it started with an argument on Golfair Boulevard, led to a game of bumper cars on I-95 South, and ended with a crash on 8th Street.

    The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office was called to a crash on 8th Street and I-95 South at 1:40 a.m. 

    What they thought was a hit-and-run turned out to be so much more. 

    "I can just confirm that it was two groups acting very poorly with their vehicles," said Sgt. Matt Clements. 

    He said an argument that started somewhere on Golfair Boulevard escalated to the point where the three men involved jumped into two separate cars and followed each other to I-95 South. Clements said they swerving and ramming each other along the way. 

    "Once they hit I-95 South from Golfair, that's when gunshots apparently started being fired," he said. 

    Like a game of Grand Theft Auto, the shootout ended with a crash. Police say one man was sent to the hospital with a gunshot wound. Another man was hurt in the wreck.  None of the injuries was serious. 

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    Yasin Kilic, who owns a seafood market on Golfair, said it's been quiet around here until now.

    "I never see anything here," he said. "It's just scary for us." 

    He said it's a miracle no one else was hurt. The interstate was shut down for four hours, because once it turned into a shooting, the interstate turned into a crime scene. The investigation is now in the hands of the Violent Crime Task Force.

    Action News has learned the names of the people involved.  Police identified 25-year-old Santonio Leonard Graham as the shooting victim. Craig Baylor, 22, and 19-year-old Christian Anderson were also listed on the report.  The relationship between the three men is unknown.

    So far, there have been no arrests. 

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